Is it OK to say "Happy New Year"?

1/3/2010 to 1/1/2014Nope.
You're too early.
1/1/2014 to 1/2/2014Yes, it's all good.
(and a Happy New Year to you!)
1/2/2014 to 1/3/2014Sure.
Go for it!
1/3/2014 to 1/4/2014Feel free.
No harm in it.
1/4/2014 to 1/5/2014Fire away.
If you can still be bothered.
1/5/2014 to 1/6/2014Yeah.
If you must.
1/6/2014 to 1/7/2014Possibly
But it's starting to wear a bit thin.
1/7/2014 to 1/8/2014You should maybe think about stopping now.
1/8/2014 to 1/9/2014It's been over a week.
Have you not said it enough already?
1/9/2014 to 1/10/2014This is your first warning!
Please pack it in.
1/10/2014 to 1/11/2014Not really.
The year's not that new any more.
1/11/2014 to 1/12/2014I'm asking you nicely to stop.
1/12/2014 to 1/13/2014Do you honestly have to ask?
The answer's 'NO'.
1/13/2014 to 1/14/2014Please,
for the love of God,
give it a break!
1/14/2014 to 1/15/2014It's been two weeks.
Stop right there!
1/15/2014 to 1/16/2014Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!
I'm begging you!
1/16/2014 to 1/17/2014If I could reach through the screen and choke you, I would!
1/17/2014 to 1/25/2014Gah!
Kill me now!
1/25/2014 to 1/31/2014Are you freakin' serious?
Have you looked at a calendar recently?
1/31/2014 to 2/1/2014新年好!
2/1/2014 to 12/1/2014What's your problem?
Have you just woken up from a coma?
12/1/2014 to 12/25/2014Stick to the yuletide greetings for now.
12/25/2014 to 12/26/2014Happy Christmas.
But hold on to the New Year's greetings for a few days.
12/26/2014 to 1/1/2015We're nearly there.
Don't let it rip just yet.
1/1/2015 to 1/2/2015Happy New Year!
Shout it at everyone you meet!
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